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9 Surefire Ways to Show the Benefits of Marketing

Niche marketing programs are very visible within a company. Everyone sees an ad campaign and has an opinion about it. But do they really understand the benefit of niche marketing and its value in growing a business? Kevin Clancy, Peter Krieg, Steve Tipps, chairman, president, and senior vice president, respectively, at Copernicus Marketing Consulting, offer these nine tips to help improve the stature — and performance — of marketing within your company:

    1. End the sales feud. Friction between marketing and sales wastes resources and hobbles profitability. To combat that, collaborate with the salespeople by showing how the information you are giving them will help them make more money.
    2. Market results, not emotions. Studies show that campaigns founded on tangible positioning — the functional attributes or benefits of products and services — can yield much greater returns on investments.
    3. Learn to trust numbers. Too often, suspect data results in misleading conclusions, which fosters an unhealthy distrust of any research. You need to understand how to apply data while considering what a particular piece of research can achieve and how the results will be used to market more effectively.
    4. Implement big plans before moving on. Strategies need to be intelligently implemented if they are to have any chance of success. Get everyone involved in figuring out how to bring a strategy from paper to the real world, working through the entire process and reaching a consensus on a course of action.
    5. Build your brand instead of simply promoting it. Spend money on strategic marketing communications to tell customers what your brand stands for instead of what deal is available this week. Provide good reasons to buy your products and services that have nothing to do with a special offer or freebie.
    6. Don’t try to please everyone. Profitability rises as customer satisfaction increases, but that’s true only up to a point. After that, the cost of gratifying the customer by delivering ever-increasing satisfaction rises faster than the payoff in profits. Identify the attributes and benefits that customers truly want.
    7. Market for attention, not numbers. Media buys should be driven by more than just the number of people who will see the message. To guide advertising purchases, do the research to determine the level of program involvement and the ad response among your target audience.
    8. See what your customers see. Too many companies treat their own products, services, and brands — and not the customer — as the focus. Lip service about the importance of the customer has to translate to real service for marketing performance to improve.
    9. Market to your base. Take the time to focus on your most profitable customers and prospects. Ask specific questions to get at their financial and behavioral drivers, and use this information to find a profitable target. Author: Ken Beaulieu

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December 11, 2019

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