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Register for a SAN

Numerous small businesses still utilize telemarketing for the majority of their sales and/or appointment setting. Getting started is not difficult if you know the correct rules to follow. If you want to telemarket to prospects, you need to have Do Not Call (DNC) numbers removed (scrubbed) from your list.

You’ve been told that you need to get a SAN (Subscriber Account Number) first. How do I do that? It’s really not as complicated as it sounds. Below are helpful step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a SAN and register to access the federal Do Not Call List.

1. Go to"

2. Click “Register New Users” to create a profile for your company.

3. Scroll down and fill out the “Organization Information” form. Under “Organization Function” you will specify what kind of company you are. WAIT BEFORE ELECTING AN OPTION. This is where many people go wrong during the registration process, and it is a major headache to correct errors. Read the options below and make your selection, keeping in mind that you are most likely a “Seller.”

If you are the company selling the product or service – even if you use telemarketing to sell your product or service – choose “Seller.” Do not select one of the “Telemarketer” options.

Telemarketer/Service Provider with Access through Clients
If you are a call center or list broker working on behalf of a particular client and you will use that client’s SAN to perform DNC scrubs, select this option.

Telemarketer/Service Provider with Independent Access
If you are a call center or list broker and want your own SAN to access the DNC list to perform DNC scrubs on your own, select this option.

Exempt Organization
If you are a charitable, political, or telephone survey organization, select this option.

4. After submitting all required information, you will be issued an “Organization ID” and a password. Write both down. The Organization ID is a unique number that relates to your company profile. You will use this ID along with the password to login to the website to access the DNC list. Note: the Organization ID is not the same as your Subscriber Account Number (SAN). Do not confuse the two.

5. Go to and login using your Organization ID and your Password.

6. After logging in, the FTC requires that you specify the area codes in which you wish to call. If you select more than five, there will be a charge per additional area code. The current cost is $56 for each additional area code or $15,400 for all area codes in the nation.

7. After specifying your area codes, you will be issued a SAN. This is the number that entitles you to access the portion of the federal DNC list that you have paid to access. You would use this number to download your list or supply this number to your telemarketing call center or service provider so that they can perform the DNC scrub for you. Remember, these instructions help you register for the Federal Do Not Call List only. Depending where you call, you may be required to register to access individual state Do Not Call lists as well.

Do Not Call Quick Reference

DNC: Do Not Call
Refers to Do Not Call registries or lists. May refer to state or national lists depending on context. It is your responsibility as a seller, telemarketer, or charitable organization to make sure you are up to speed on the legislation surrounding National and State Do Not Call registries or lists. Failure to comply may result in significant monetary fines.

SAN: Subscriber Account Number
This is a number that you receive as a seller, telemarketer, or charitable organization that allows you to access the National Do Not Call Registry to keep your telemarketing lists free of telephone numbers that appear on Do Not Call registries and lists.

Used as in “scrubbing your list” and similar context. Refers to removing telephone numbers from your own telemarketing lists that appear on a National or State Do Not Call Registry or List. This is a necessary task to keep your business in compliance with federal legislation.

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Register for a SAN

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June 4, 2020

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