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March 2009 Newsletter

7-Step Marketing Plan to Win More Clients

Even the most brilliant ideas are worthless if you don't act to implement them. Read this guide several times, implement these steps in your business, and you too will benefit from these money-making concepts!

Step #1 - Think Strategically

Dr. Stephen Covey said you have to "begin with the end in mind." Thinking strategically is about deciding on where you're going and identifying ways to get there.

Should You Cut Your Marketing Budget During a Recession?

Oh my, the sky is falling and we are in an economic downturn. It’s on the news and it is in the papers. Everywhere I turn we hear of the downward spiral of our economic state. I know what you are thinking; it's time to cut that marketing budget. Signs of recession are all around us. Let's start slashing costs and marketing is the first to go. Makes sense, right? No! Let me explain.

April 2, 2020

Direct Marketing Tips

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