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Tips to Help Your Telemarketing Campaign

The first few seconds are crucial
Just like you would when writing a sales letter or press release, you should fill the first few seconds with as many key words and phrases as possible to gain an immediate interest from the customer.
You may only get a chance to get out two or three sentences before the customer stops you to say they have no interest, so make them count.
Don't assume they need something - this is very off putting. Instead, ask the question and explain how you can help.

However you start your telemarketing call, be sure that it will get their attention and interest as quickly as possible: letting the phone call drag is wasting their time and especially yours.

Keep it Simple
You are more likely to succeed in your goal if the customer fully understands what you are offering or require. Consequently, keep your reason for calling clear and make sure that you can get to the point quickly (and effectively!).

Be Natural - Use the Right Equipment

It has been proved in many businesses that customers respond better when the seller (telemarketer) is talking naturally i.e. not holding their hand to their head (holding the phone), or balancing the phone on their shoulders, etc.

To compensate, headsets are extremely useful for allowing you to talk more naturally on the phone - as if you were talking to them face-to-face being able to use your hands, etc.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing before you begin your telemarketing campaign will pay off allowing you to build your confidence and rectify mistakes early on: role plays are ideal. Of course, your skills and confidence will develop more through experience, but practicing will give you a head start. Listen to yourself on a tape recorder - would you develop an interest?

Don't Go Blank - Use Notes
Stick notes to your desk, phone or wall to help 'jog' your memory for persuasive words, phrases, discussion areas, etc. There is nothing worse than pausing to collect your thoughts and comments when trying to sell over the phone: be ready to reply to anything.

Avoid Insulting the Customer
Obvious, right? Well, people do it without even realizing by using comments like "did you understand that?" and "are you following what I'm saying?” This automatically shrinks the customers' intelligence and ability to catch on. It is down to your own ability to make the customer understand and therefore if you feel the customer is failing to do so, use comments such as "did I explain that clearly" and so on.

Give the Customer a Friend they can Trust
Make customers feel as if they are talking to a friend by making yourself come across as the person that everyone wants to know. Be friendly, be concerned, assure them, praise them - anything that makes them develop a sense of trust: trust goes a long way.

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June 4, 2020

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