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June 2008 Newsletter

Focus Your Direct Response Marketing for Lower Costs and Higher Response

How to determine who your best customers are and target your database marketing to similar companies and individuals for best response.

The complaint is a common one among companies that depend on direct mail and direct response marketing: "I'm sick of spending a fortune to send out thousands of full-color catalogs and direct-mail pieces only to get a measly 1% response rate. How can I cut costs and find a more practical way to get my target market to respond to my direct mail and catalogs?"

How to Use Your Business-to-Business Marketing Dollars More Effectively in a Down Economy

How to reach, influence and generate leads and more sales for your company from fewer buyers and with a smaller budget.

Yes, these are difficult times. Your company's sales are down. Competition is tougher than ever.

THE GATEKEEPERS: How to Stop Blaming Voice Mail for Poor Performance - and Start Closing More Sales

Three steps to voice mail success

If you do reach the point of leaving a voice mail, try this three-step process to dramatically increase your chances of hearing back from your prospect, and obtaining a positive response:

April 2, 2020

Direct Marketing Tips

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