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July 2009 Newsletter

7 Shortcuts for Generating Sales Leads

Follow this surefire advice to grow your business faster

You have a good story to tell, your value propositions are buttoned up, and you deliver on your promises. So why does it take so long to get from initial pitch to signed, sealed, and delivered? Maybe it’s because your best marketing and business development efforts are out of sync with the way the real decision makers now operate, says consultant Michael A. Boylan.

In a down economy, generating sales leads is the key to survival. Discover how to turn prospects into customers and drive business growth.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

3 proven low-cost ideas to grow your business

If you’re trying to grow your business these days using old, costly, inefficient methods, you’re probably doomed to failure, admits Dan Adams, president of Advanced Industrial Marketing Inc. and author of New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth.

He says implementing cheaper marketing tactics is crucial for growth, as is customer relationship building. Adams offers these three small-budget ideas to boost your business.

April 2, 2020

Direct Marketing Tips

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