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July 2008 Newsletter

Price, Price, Price! Six Steps to keep Cut-Rate Competitors from stealing your Customers

In the last article, we covered the top mistakes sales people make that can keep them from closing more business. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at an all-too common problem: what you can do to close an existing customer when your competition keeps lowering their price.

All sales reps face competition. And nothing is more frustrating than having your competition offer to sell to your existing client base at dramatically reduced prices.

The Most Important 30 Seconds of Any Sale

The most daunting task in sales is cracking open the door.

Fail to nab a few minutes with a qualified prospect who can make a decision, and you might as well hang up your cleats. And plenty do fail.

The victorious are able to convince even the busiest customers to grant a 30-minute meeting in just 30 seconds. That half-minute maneuver is called an elevator pitch. The concept is that if you got on an elevator with a juicy prospect, you have the length of that ride to score a sales call.

Hiring and Training B-to-B Telemarketers

A critical component of your successful business-to-business telemarketing is finding and hiring the right people. You can't put just anybody on the phone and expect to get good results.

Once you are clear on the goals of your telemarketing program, you need to consider the specific role that your telemarketers will play in your sales-lead-generation program. Then you'll want to determine the skills and personality characteristics that are needed to fulfill that role and meet your overall telemarketing objectives. Ask yourself the following questions:

April 2, 2020

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