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8 Powerful Ways That Postcards Can Work For You

Direct mail postcards have proven to be one of the most versatile options in direct mail marketing. They offer a quick, affordable way to create smart, condensed direct marketing campaigns. They work just as well in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional direct mail promotions. Most importantly, with a little innovation, postcards can break through the clutter and deliver direct mail advertising messages to your audience instantaneously. Here are eight powerful ways to use postcards:

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1. Drive brand awareness. Create a series of creative direct mail postcard mailings for campaigns geared toward establishing or strengthening your relationship with customers and potential customers.

2. Drive traffic to your Web site. Announce your new and improved Web site or new features, products, or services offered at your site.

3. Advertise current and upcoming promotions. Inform your customers of your latest direct mail offer or monthly specials.

4. Show your appreciation. Thank customers and donors for their purchases or donations and encourage a second purchase.

5. Follow up with attendees after an event. Use postcards to offer discounts or educational materials or to promote upcoming events. For example, a well-known client in the insurance industry uses postcards to follow up with trade show leads. The postcards are personalized with both variable images and text.

6. Develop a strategic customer loyalty campaign. Build stronger customer relationships with variable-data printed postcards.

7. Generate more business. Advertise to prospects or existing customers, especially in down times. It's cost-effective and gets attention. For example, in an effort to generate additional sales, a client recently launched a postcard mailing for a niche retail store. Each customer received a personalized postcard that featured several products similar to a previous purchase. The offer featured an extra percentage off the next purchase. Within four days of mailing, the effort generated an overwhelming volume of sales.

8. Get into social media. Send your Twitter followers, LinkedIn colleagues, and Facebook fans a non-digital surprise. They'll love it.

Author: Crystal Uppercue

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