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January 2010 Newsletter

4 Selling Strategies to Focus on in 2010

The marketplace is changing and so is the way prospects do business. If you want to maintain your edge in 2010, here are four ways to do it:

1. Maximize your lead pipeline: Chances are the economic downturn has had an impact on who the prospects most likely to do business with your company are. Now's the time to perform an audit of your sales from the past two years to determine who your high-probability buyers are now (based on SIC, region, executive title, etc.). Once the audit is complete, frontload your pipeline with those leads to give salespeople the best opportunity for success.

8 Powerful Ways That Postcards Can Work For You

Direct mail postcards have proven to be one of the most versatile options in direct mail marketing. They offer a quick, affordable way to create smart, condensed direct marketing campaigns. They work just as well in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional direct mail promotions. Most importantly, with a little innovation, postcards can break through the clutter and deliver direct mail advertising messages to your audience instantaneously. Here are eight powerful ways to use postcards:

4 Trends That Could Lead to Growth

We reveal four marketing trends likely to get hotter in 2010 - and show you how they can work for brands of any size.

With the direct marketing industry in the grip of a series of upheavals, from the digital revolution to the economic meltdown, figuring out what's coming next is becoming progressively more difficult. Creating effective strategies based on these expectations is the toughest part of all.

April 2, 2020

Direct Marketing Tips

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