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August 2008 Newsletter

How the Internet is Transforming B2B Marketing

Business-to-business marketers are taking on an increasingly pivotal role in the Internet-driven transformation of the economy. In the next 12 months, we anticipate the pace of revolutionary change to accelerate as the Internet rapidly evolves to become far more than just another business tool.

Strategies and tactics are emerging in connection with the B2B marketing-driven revolution making it possible to more profitably acquire and retain customers. These changes are destined to radically re-shape almost every business process and create an entirely new way of conducting business.

12 Tips for Earning Consistent Revenues = and Commissions - All Year Round

Many sales reps and managers complain that they can't create a consistent flow of revenues or commissions month after month. Instead of a nice, straight line increasing consistently over time like an upwards pointing arrow, they find themselves staring repeatedly at sales results that look more like a hockey stick: nothing for two months, a sharp increase for a month or two, then back down again to nothing a month later.

"I Have to Take Your Proposal to My Manager!"

Nothing is more frustrating -- or time wasting -- than to find out that you have been selling to the wrong person! Influencers cannot buy, they can only recommend. A decision maker is the only person that can say yes. Hint: If your proposal needs approval, you are working with an influencer. Decision makers write cheques, approve POs, and sign cheques – or tell someone else to. Generally, decision makers own their budgets. They are likely VP level or higher, including positions such as General Managers, Directors, and “C-Suite” officers.

April 2, 2020

Direct Marketing Tips

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